F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

"Outstanding performance from an incredibly talented ensemble and passionate conductor. Polyphony which truly enriches the soul. Thank you for a memorable and most enjoyable evening!"

Stefan Hoppe

Helped by a wonderful acoustic, we knew from the very first perfectly balanced chord that we were in for a treat. The blend and balance in the sound was enviable with no individual voices sticking out. And the repertoire was something of a revelation. Congratulations one and all.

Neil Price

“Thank you so much for arranging such an enjoyable event last Monday. It was simply the best couple of hours' practical music making in which I have ever participated.”

​Richard Turbet

In common with many musical groups, we were unable to perform during the lockdown owing to restrictions arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.  During this time we found alternative ways of bringing Renaissance music to you, which we hope to continue now that we are back to live performance.


We are incredibly grateful to our generous supporters for their kind donations over recent months, which have helped to sustain the choir. Any donations you feel able to give us will enable us to continue to bring you online content and to present concerts now that restrictions allow.






Virtual Renaissance Singers
Verdelot - Beata es Virgo

We are delighted to present our first virtual choir offering which enables us to sing together and bring the music we love to our audience. 

E V E N T S​
Hortus Conclusus
Love in the Garden

Saturday 9 July 2022, 7.30pm

St Stephen's Church, 38-42 Rochester Row,
London SW1P 1LE

Directed by David Allinson

Victoria, Missa Trahe me post te

motets by Guerrero, Victoria and Lassus

madrigals by Wilbye, Ramsey and Pilkington


A summer night of pastoral delights, of gods, heroes and nymphs ... and sweet honey-sucking bees.


In this programme of sacred and secular Renaissance music, conceived for the gardens of Stowe House, we sing luxurious settings of the Song of Songs by Victoria, Guerrero and Lassus — in which the beloved is wooed in a garden of sensual delights.


Victoria’s Missa Trahe me post te is a scintillating Mass based on his own motet: ‘Draw me after you; we will run in the scent of your ointments’.


Balancing the sacred works, our selection of ravishing English madrigals echoes the Arcadian gardens of Stowe House, in which the Greek muses stand sentinel, hard by an Elysian field. We sing to Oriana, the muse of astronomy, but also to fallen heroes while the bees buzz among the blooms. As darkness falls we embrace the exquisite melancholy of dusk by singing the greatest madrigal written in English, Wilbye’s Draw on sweet night.

Advance Tickets: £12/ £10 (concessions)  Availability limited to 30 tickets only. Once sold out, tickets will be available at the standard price of £14/ £12 (concession)


This concert has been moved from its original date and venue of 25th June at St George's Bloomsbury, owing to the rail strikes scheduled for that date.