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We are currently recruiting singers to all voice parts.


If you're an excellent sight-reader and are confident singing in smaller groups, unaccompanied, we'd love you to hear from you.

F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

"Outstanding performance from an incredibly talented ensemble and passionate conductor. Polyphony which truly enriches the soul. Thank you for a memorable and most enjoyable evening!"

Stefan Hoppe

Helped by a wonderful acoustic, we knew from the very first perfectly balanced chord that we were in for a treat. The blend and balance in the sound was enviable with no individual voices sticking out. And the repertoire was something of a revelation. Congratulations one and all.

Neil Price

“Thank you so much for arranging such an enjoyable event last Monday. It was simply the best couple of hours' practical music making in which I have ever participated.”

​Richard Turbet

In common with many musical groups, we were unable to perform during the lockdown owing to restrictions arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.  During this time we found alternative ways of bringing Renaissance music to you, which we hope to continue now that we are back to live performance.


We are incredibly grateful to our generous supporters for their kind donations over recent months, which have helped to sustain the choir. Any donations you feel able to give us will enable us to continue to bring you online content and to present concerts now that restrictions allow.

E V E N T S​
Echos and Shadows
The Genius of Robert Parsons

Saturday 22 October 2022, 7.30pm

St Giles in the Fields

60 St Giles High Street

London  WC2H 8LG

Directed by David Allinson


The sunny setting of Ave Maria by Robert Parsons is rightly one of the best-loved motets in the Oxford Book of Tudor Anthems. Yet most of his works languish in obscurity. 


In his 450th anniversary year the Renaissance Singers shine a light on Parsons, one of the great musical talents of Tudor England, whose death by drowning at the age of 36 evoked this tribute from music copyist Robert Dow: ’Parsons, you who were so great in the springtime of life, How great you would have been in the autumn, had not death intervened.‘ 


From the searing drama of his Responds for the Dead to the sweet warmth of his canticles for the new Anglican evensong, Parsons’ music is revealed as endlessly inspired and expressive.


Our programme sets Parsons in context with rich music for evening services by contemporaries Tallis, White, Sheppard, Mundy and Byrd on themes of sleep, light and salvation.

Advance Tickets: £12/ £10 (concessions)  Availability limited to 30 tickets only. Once sold out, tickets will be available at the standard price of £14/ £12 (concession)

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