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A Lassus Calendar

A year with Lassus

Saturday 23 March 2024   
7.30 pm
St Pancras Church
165 Euston Road
London NW1 2BA
Guest conductor: Patrick Allies

Join us on a journey through the liturgical seasons - both joyful and miserable! - with arguably the most inventive composer of the 16th century.


Patrick has chosen music that illustrates Lassus' creative brilliance and variety, ranging from exquisite and melancholy 5-part Lamentations for Holy Week, to vibrant polychoral music in eight and ten parts for Easter and some Marian feasts.


Perhaps most unusual, and rarely performed, is his Prophetae Sibyllarum, a series of adventurous, highly chromatic motets for Advent. They sound like Poulenc...


All Saints and All Souls 

Justorum animae 

Requiem a 5: Requiem aeternam 


Alma redemptoris mater 

Prophetiae Sibyllarum (Prologue and No.s 1, 2, 4 and 5) 



Magnificat 'Praeter rerum seriem' 





Missa Vinum bonum: Credo 

Holy Week 

Lamentations for Holy Thursday, part 2 

Lamentations for Holy Saturday, part 1 


Regina caeli

Magnificat 'Aurora lucis rutilat'

K4N3KY 2_edited.png

Detail from book of psalms by Lassus illumination by Hans Mielich, 1565-60.


Lassus, Roland de / Orlando di Lasso - composer, contrapuntist, choirmaster from the Netherlands. Scene of him with choir in service at Laurentius Hofpfarrkirche, Munich, Chapel Royal, Hofkapelle (Bavarian chapel royal) . LASSUS (in yellow) stands to the left of the pulpit.


Advance tickets £12 / £10 (conc.)

(Availability limited to 30 tickets only.)

Standard tickets £14 / £12 (conc.)

Ticket enquiries

If you are unable to purchase tickets from the website for any reason, or have a query related to ticketing, do not hesitate to contact us using the form below.

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