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Vivacious Vivanco
Brilliant Bruceña
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Saturday 2 April 2022, 7.30pm

St Giles in the fields

60 St Giles High Street

London, WC2H 8LG


Advance Tickets: £12/ £10 (concessions) to 30 March  

£14/ £12 (concession) thereafter.

Directed by Gareth Wilson


Sebástian de Vivanco deserves to be better known. One of Victoria’s most accomplished contemporaries, his 400th anniversary falls in 2022. To celebrate we are delighted to be performing his beautiful Missa In Manus Tuas a8 from a new performing edition.


Along with other motets by Vivanco, our programme will include works by the obscure Diego de Bruceña (1567-1622), recently brought to light by Professor Michael Noone as he investigates music printing in early 17th century Salamanca. 

Below: the Cathedral (Sé) at Miranda do Douro, Portugal, where the single surviving copy of the music of Diego de Bruceña is found.